The purpose of this website is to help spread, publish and proclaim the Gospel Message, the Good News, of the Kingdom of Yahshua (Jesus) Christ, and the Truth that He alone is the ONLY King, the ONLY  Lawmaker, who has established the ONLY  Law we White Christians should be "campaigning" for.

 There is NO HOPE in the pseudo "governments"  of man-made corporate States.

 There is ONLY ONE true Government, the Government, or "Kingdom", of the Everliving ("Yahweh") God.


There is NO HOPE in man-made-up statist policies, politics or politicians.

 The Statist System of Babylon will be judged along with those who have willingly bowed their knees to the false idols of of Statism.


Statism is Humanism, it's that simple. Statists are those who seek to govern others through a corporate ruling body, generically called "State". Statists, which includes the "VOTERS", are those who seek for "laws" to be made (up) and enFORCED on others, but never want State "laws" created that THEY are enFORCED to obey.


Statism, including it's juvenile VOTING process, pits a people against themselves, not unifying, but dividing them.


Statism is simply a false religion, an idolatry, with cults of personalities and schisms of policies.


These "States" make (up) corporate policies they call "laws" instead of acknowledging God's PERFECT Law of Liberty (James 1:25). Perfect in that it never needs amending, adjustment, or repealing, nor can it be (Psalm 19:7-11). God is the Lawgiver (Isaiah 33:22) no man can, rightfully, claim such a title or position 


 God's Law has already been written into the genes, the very D.N.A., of the Adamic (WHITE) Race. His Natural & Moral Law is literally passed down to each generation of Adamic Mankind genetically. The spirit of the Law, the instinctual understanding and connection to the Law, appeals to the conscience, the "heart", of a the Adamic (White) man/woman. The letter of the Law is found in the Holy Bible, despite textual translation errors and/or the erroneous dogmatic interpretations of "preachers".


 We have all the Law we could ever need to keep our communities save, moral and prosperous.


StatesChristians are to come out of Babylon, TOTALLY.


Some Christians have come out only partially, leaving behind religious practices of pagan origin, and rejecting the materialism of merchant-centered society, yet they still practice heathenistic, humanisitic, Statism.


The Truth WILL set you free, as Christ said (John 8:32), it will free your mind of the carnal, humanistic thinking of Babylonian, if you will fully embrace the Truth of the Good News of the Kingdom, the Government, of Christ.


Christ the King said Christians are to seek first, and foremost, HIS Kingdom (Matthew 6:33). The term "Kingdom" literally means "Government". The term "government" of course refers to "governing" which simply means "control" and/or "restraint". Christians are not only to seek to keep the Laws of Christ (who is both King and God) and thus to behave with restraint and to self-govern their lives, but to stand for HIS Laws, and His Laws alone.


Man's psuedo "laws" of State do not govern for morality's sake, because no Statist System has as it's focus the establishing of Christ's Rule or of God's Law. Government States may have some well-meaning Statesmen with good and moral intentions, and they have had in the past, but in the end COMPROMISE has always been the force behind the scenes of policy and "law" making of Statist ruling bodies and/or of individual rulers of States.


Humanistic Relativism, "Enlightenment" (so-called), self-justification, and economic expediency, are all just some of the real driving forces behind the motives and agendas that create policies and so-called "laws" of State. Even Statist systems that claimed to have the Bible and/or Nature as their foundations and guides were only using such claims to God and Morality to give themselves some sort of validity and justification. In the end such States, ALL such States, that claimed some sort of just foundation and righteous piety were woeful failures.


The KEY to knowing a system of State is a fraud is when it seeks to create it's own "laws" -all of which have and do, of course.


When a group of men (a congress, parliment, senate, ect.), or a single man (dictator, emperor, king, ect) seek to declare, arbitrarilly so, what is allowed ("legal") and not allowed ("illegal") and deem force, violence or the threat of, can be used to enFORCE what they/he deem/deems then that group/individual has placed themselves/himself in the place of God.


Yet ONLY God can declare the Good from the Bad, the Wholesome from the Perverse. And, in fact God has declared what is Good and Evil, Righteous and Unrighteous, Holy and Unholy, Lawful and Unlawful. Man can only identify and acknowledge and obey God's Holy Laws.


Man can not declare Law, he can only obey and stand for it.


God is the ONLY Law Maker. This ALL Christian Whites MUST admit.


States of men seek to circumvent, ignore or add on to the Perfect Law of Life

No matter the State, be it a Democracy, Republic, Nationalist or Socialist, or some combination thereof, ALL fail because they seek to establish their own "laws" of morality, social order and justice.


A good example of this is the Statist "law" concerning what a "legal" marriage is: if a couple don't have a marriage "license" then most of the States ("Governments") of men won't "legally" recognize a man and woman as husband and wife. And, sadly, pathetically, most modern era churchians don't recognize such a couple as married, but instead declare them "living in sin, having sex outside of marriage". Yet, there is absolutely NO such "licensing requirement" in the letter of God's Law (Bible) nor in the spirit (essence) of His Holy Natural Law of Morality.


The inherent hypocrisy in Statist "Legal" Systems is further exemplified by the fact that most States of men DO "legally" recognize and validate (and protect) out-of-kind mixed-race "marriages" even though the letter of God's Law, the Holy Bible, don't, nor does the spirit of the Law, witnessed both in conscience and Nature. The same can be said of so-called gay "marriages".


The example of "legal" status for a racial alien can also be used, for it matters not -according to the Laws of Racial Segregation found in the Bible (letter) and in Nature (essence/spirit)- whether a racial alien has a "Green Card" or has it's "Legal Citizenship Papers", a racial alien (non-White) don't belong, (in a White society) period.


Christians have NO business being caught up in the Humanistic false religion of State-theism.


Being caught up in silly statist debates concerning "Gay Marriage" and/or "Legal Immigration" makes Christians look WEAK as well as petty, and stupid.


We Christian Whites are to unashamedly proclaim the Law of God, not debate legal polices of men, and to do so with extreme prejudice and absolute intolerance.


Let those that hate God, Truth and what is natural, wholesome and just, call us "haters", "hatemongers", "bigots", "ignorant" and whatever else. Leave them to their devises, leave their company (Isaiah 52:11; 2nd Corinthians 6:17; Revelation 18:4) , let the Judge reign down His Righteous Judgment. Like Noah, like Lot, have no concern for the God-haters, Truth-rejectors, blasphemers, mockers and foolish, save yourself from the untoward and corrupt (Acts 2:40)


The bottom line is corporate ruling Government-States of men can only dictate what is Legal and Illegal according to their fickle, fallible, feeble corporate POLICIES and Rules they falsely call "laws"; States of men don't deal in what is Lawful and Unlawful, only in Legalites, not Lawfulness. This is NOT some "Common law" hocus pocus, or legalese, Talmudic hair spliting of terms, it is the facts stated in languge we all can readily understand.


Christians are to "politic" (πολιτικός) ONLY for Christ and HIS Laws!


We Christian Whites are in the world, but not of it (John 17:16). We are to separate ourselves from Unbelievers and the Unrepentant in our personal associations (2 Corinthians 6:14), but that does not mean we are to separate to the point that we isolate ourselves. On the contrary we are to be lights to a society in spiritual darkness (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 5:11), not seeking to force ourselves, and beliefs, onto others, but to faithfully live our "light", humbly, yet unashamedly (Matthew 10:32), before the wicked. Don't just proclaim the Law & Truth of God, but LIVE it, to the best of your ability, faith and understanding.


Christians are to represent the ONLY True & Right Way and be ambassadors, representatives, for the Kingdom of Christ. That Kingdom exists within each Christian White; Christians aren't waiting for the City of God to drop out of the sky, WE ARE that city: Revelation 21:2-3.

ALL kingdoms (governments, states) of men have been, and are, fallible and doomed to failure. Only God's Kingdom governed by His Eternal Law will remain when the last State of men collapses and the last "Babylon" burns.


We the People, the White Race, were never to, and can't, make our own laws. We of the White Race are the descendents of the ancient Hebrew Israelites (not the "Jews") and our ordained duty, purpose, and destiny, upon this earth is to keep, and represent the Laws of the Creator, our God, the Everliving and Almighty YAHWEH {See Deuterononmy 10:12; Ecclesiastes 12:13; Hosea 12:6; Micah 6:8} NOT to be tring to make (up) our own "laws".

Even when our ancient Hebrew Israelite ancestors rejected (1st Samuel 8) the non-statist theocratic tribal order Yahweh willed that they have for their society (and in fact lived under for about 450 years -known as the Judges period), and were permitted (by God) to have a statist monarchial system, the earthly kings of Israel were not allowed (by God) to make law, they were only to enforce God's Law! {See Deuteronomy 17:18-20}

The phrase "We the People" has NO real-world or practical meaning whatsoever unless, firstly, that "People" is properly identified -such identification requires clear definitions of inclusion and exclustion. Secondly, that "People" have, of their own will, to of freely agreed to the "We" part.

The corporate founding charter document titled "The United States Constitution" contains, in it's preamble, the phrase "We the People" . Yet, what most White Americans fail to recognize is that according to both Natural Law and statist legal principles, it was, and is, an invalid phrase, because "the People" living in America in the late 1780's, and we living in it now, did NOT (orally or in writting) agree to, nor where legal party to, that legalistic document.

Yes, it is understood that the "People" is meant to mean "the Populace" yet how can any group of men legally (according to statist legal procedure) or Lawfully (according to Natural Law) arbitrarily bind a whole general population of any area to a legalistic contract, compact, or corporate charter?? They can't! Not according to the legalistic principles of men, and certainly not according to Natural Law principles which can be readily witnessed in the Bible.

[Please note that Natural Law and Biblical Law are one in the same.]

In the Bible we find Lawful, and thus vaild, examples of a collective group, a "People", freely, of their own choice, and openly (publically) agreeing to a compact, a contract if you will, between one another and their God. Exodus 19:8 reads (italics and underlining added for emphasis on key words):

"All the people answered together 'We will do everything the Lord has commanded'"

This is also repeated in Exodus 24:3 and 24:7.

In Deuteronomy chapter 27, verses 15 through 26 (see here) the principle of collective, and public, acknowledgement and agreement is further demonstrated, 12 times over (13 in the Septuagint).

No dissension was recorded to of existed among the Israelite populace. If anyone did dessent, and not want to agree to follow the Law Code given by Yahweh, as proclaimed by Moses, then they were free to leave that area, Canaan Land. The point being is a convenant, which is a contract, of a people has to actually allow the People the option to agree or not to conditions of said covenant for it to be valid and Lawful covenant. 

There is the arguement that a family patriarch, dad or grandpa, or even a further back ancesterial patriarch, a "forefather", can bind his posterity, or descendants, to a covenant, or contract. Some use Biblical examples of such binding accurrances (such as in Judges 11:30-40) to justify the assumption that the "Founding Fathers" of the "American Republic" were morally able to bind all then living, and all future "Posterity", to the Constitution. Here is where they fail in that argument:

Yahweh God gave His Law ONLY to the descendants of Jacob-Israel, and His Covenant was ONLY to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ....ISRAEL. Thus any and all such covenants and contracts that try to establish ANY other type of Law (there is in reality only ONE Law) over the Posterity of Abraham are null and void being contrary to the Abrahamic/Israelite Convenant. It's that simple.

We of the White Race are the literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel.

Those three ancient Hebrews were our Forefathers and it is through them we recieved our Covenant with Yahweh God. That Covenant, that contract, contains the Holy Moral Law that we are to keep, represent and defend.

The Abrahamic Covenant, and it's Moral Law Code was passed on through Moses and the Israelite Nation and it exists today in not just on the printed pages of commerically published Bibles, but most importantly in our hearts, our subconsious, being passed onto us thorugh our blood, our genetic D.N.A. God's Moral Law exists inside of each and every White Israelite today, just as the Scripture records God promised it would:

Jeremiah 31:33 (chapter 38 in the Septuagint) reads in part:

"I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts"

The New Testament confirms the Law of God exists in the descendants of ancient Israel in:

Hebrews 8:10 (click here for text)

2nd Corinthians 3:3 (click here for text)

Romans 2:14-15* (click here for text)

[*Note that the Latin word "Gentiles" in verse 14 does not belong -read this article for explanation-, the word should be "Nations"and the verse is speaking in context of the tribes of Israelites in Dispersia that, though having lost knowleged of their Israelite identity STILL kept the Moral Laws of Yahweh!]

As can be clearly seen,  and easily understood, God kept His side of the Contract of the Abrahamic Covenant: He not only brought Israel back to him, through Christ, but He has blessed our Race to be as powerful and spread about and numerous as he told Abraham his Posterity would be! And, He did, as He promised, put His standard of Morality within our very subconsious. It is up to us to listen to our consciences, our "hearts", and to follow what we KNOW, deep within, is Right, Good, Natural, Moral and Lawful.

Rebellious Adamic-Israelites that wish to ignore their consciences are turned over to mental reprobation and are moral reprobates with no conscience. Romans 1: 28-32 explains it all in a nutshell:

"And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

The previous verses of 24 and 26 also speak of God giving people over to reprobation because they willfully ignored their own consciences and rejected what they know to be Moral and Natural.

 Man-made-up "laws", so-called, can never be any better that God's Moral Laws found in the Bible and in Nature and which reverberate within our very spirits, our "hearts", our consciences.

 So-called "laws" made-up by men of corporate governments, commonly known as "States", ALWAYS end up opposing God's Laws of Morality, Justice and Nature.The United State Constitutional Republic is just one example. The U.S. Federal Empire immediatly after it's paper birth in the1780's began to protect the wicked and the corporate body (politicians, judges and bureaucrats) hiding behind the corporate fictional entity we call "U.ncle S.am" quickly established tyranny. This is not meant to just single out the Federal State, for the 13 original States, with their own individual State Constitutions also were born to be corporate tyrannies. Such is the destiny of ANY AND ALL forms of States, which are but corporate ruling bodies founded for and by the banking and trading merchant class for their own promotioni and protection.

"The merchant must establish a king to protect him and promote his interests"

[IN THE BEGINNING -The story of The International Trade Cartel, by R. K. Hoskins, 1995]

States, from the most ancient ones in Mesopotamia (Sumeria), north-eastern Africa (Egypt) and northern Indian (the Mahajanapadas) to the Greco Athenian and Spartan city states, and the Roman Empire State, were all founded by, and for the benefit of, the merchant-trading and banking-investment class. No conspiracy theory needed, business and banking is the very "heart" of the "beast"; economics are at the core of ALL Statist Systems, be they ancient, of modern, Communistic, Capitalistic or Nationalistic.

It is not by poetic accident that the Antichrist "Beast" System in the New Testament book of Revelation (chapter 13) has it's "Mark" something that prohibits, or permits, commerce, trade and economic activity. Nor was it just creative license that the "Whore" in Revelation 17 and 18 is involved in international trade and commerce and in bed with the merchant class. Wealth and Statism have ALWAYS gone hand-in-hand -State, or as Hoskins put it, "kings", are always set up BY the merchant (buisness and banker class) FOR the protection of their financial interests and to promote their economic agendas.

Many people today think that the monied interests only recently, in the past few generations, took over their idealistic Constitutional Republic. They fail to know and understand that the Constitution and it's so-called "Representative" "Republic" were created to protect trade, commerce and investment. Again, no conspiracy needed, most of the Founders had no evil agenda, (but they DID have a BUSINESS one) it just was and is the very nature of the Constitutional Beast.

The United States was and is a WHORE -not the people living on the soil of America, but the CORPORATION known as the United States of America and it's, today, 50 Franchises called "States", and those involved and entangled with it. THIS is WHY this website is dedicated to doing it's part to CALL White-Israelite American Christians spiritually and mentally OUT of Babylon, it's mercantilism and it's statism, both of which are idolatry. 

Statism is Mercantilism, well, a branch of it, designed by and for the merchant, period.




In 18th century America there were in fact the Anti Federalists who staunchly opposed the U.S. Constitution. Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry (both Christian gentlemen), were a couple of the more well known, and out spoken, Anti Federalists ....in other words they were White American Christians who were:


Patrick Henry, best known for his statement....

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Should be also known for another statement he made.....

"I smell a rat."

A statement he made in reference to the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

Henry understood the nature of Statism, and the arbitrary claim to authority over others that "Statesmen" give themselves, and he instinctually was suspicious of the secluded and secretive nature of Statist politics and policy making.

Today, it is considered by many White Americans (Christian or not) to be some sort of "blasphemy" for a White Christian American to speak against the Constitution and the Republic Statist system it set up. The Constitution is believed by many to be a "holy document", written by God Himself, through the hands of men, as if were on par with the Christian Scriptures. It wasn't and isn't. 

It is claimed the U. S. Constitution was and is valid, both legally and morally, because it was a so-called "Social Contract". This is claim is false, according to Natural Law, as, again, a REAL social contract is demonstrated in the above cited verses and also in Joshua 24:24 which reads:

"The people said to Joshua "The Lord our God we will serve, and His voice [Law] we will obey"

[Note the words "The people" and "we"]

It wasn't a group of aristocrats and self-appointed representatives that said those words, arbitrarily "speaking for" the whole Israelite nation of tribes. All of Israel was involved in the agreement.

In 2nd Kings 23:3 we find that "all the people" pledging, agreeing, freely of their own will to keeping the Laws of Yahweh, as passed down to them in written form in the Book(s) of the Law.

Now that the "We" aspect of such a statement as "We the People" has been addressed let's deal with

WHO the "People" are,

and who they aren't.

It has been pointed out, many times, by many writters and speakers through the years that the "People" of the Preamble to the U.S. CONSTITUTION was understood, back in late 18th century America to only be those of European stock, of the WHITE Race. This is, of course, historically true as well Constitutionally correct. The Constitution did not, legally speaking, recognize Negros or Indians as part of the "People" it claimed, in the Preamble, to be contract to.

The Preamble "People", of the Constitution were indeed understood to ONLY be those of the White Race in America.

Even though the Constitution had NO legitimacy, legalistically nor Naturally speaking, it can be readily understood, and admitted, that it was indeed a "White thing" as far as it's contextual, and historical, scope is concerned.

Negroes were not considered "People" in the Constitution, except for "representation" purposes (Article 1 section 2, clause 3). Negroes in 18th century America were little more than imported farm equipment and household appliances. American "Indians" were considered "merciless savages" (see the Declaration of Independence, written less than a dozen years before the Constitution) and not party to the Constitution.

The point being that the group of "People" of any collective agreement must be identified clearly. In the Bible the "People" in the previously cited Old Testament verses that agreed to a convenant (contract)  to go by a certain social standard (Yahweh's Laws) are clearly identified as being specific People, of a specific culture, region and RACE.

So for the statement
We the People

to have any moral and Lawful validity it MUST

1) Identitfy, specifically, the "People", by region, culture and RACE

2) The "We" part has to be a true, and free-will, collective agreement of ALL the "People"

Many White American CHRISTIANS of today hold on to the Constitutional idea because many of the Framers, Founders, were in fact Christian gentleman, to one degree or another.

.....On the flipside....

Other American Christian Whites of today hold the Constitution in suspicion due to the fact that many of the Founders of the U. S. Republic were Freemasons.

One side insists that the "Constitution is a Christian document".

The other side essentially proclaims the Constitution to be a "Masonic document" written with a sinister Masonic, "One World Order" agenda in mind.  Yet, they will defend the Constitution and the "Republic" when it is condemned!

The FACTS are most of the Framers of the U. S. Constitution and, Founders of the U. S. Republic Federal State were Christians, and many of them were also Masons, these are indisputable historically documented facts (despite what the anti-christians try to claim, most were in fact professed believers in the Christian Faith). 

Another FACT about many of the "Founding Fathers" is that they were products of their times, the so-called "Enlightenment Era" to be specific. They were men, very intelligent men, who prided themselves on so-called "Reason" and trusted in their intellects to guide them, and to guide others. With one foot in carnal minded "intellectualism" -which goes back to the ancient Greek and Roman philisophical methods- and the other foot in Christian Beliefism it is no wonder we have the very schizophrenic Constitution of yesterday, and the doubleminded supporters of it still to this day.

Many White Christians in America are so passionate about their precious Constitution, not to meniton the Federal Corporate Banner, the U. S. Flag, that they are willing to get physically violent. Yet VERY VERY FEW, would dare even think of becoming physical and using violence to defend the Bible, Christianity of GOD'S Laws.

It is a true pervesion of mind, and spiritual sickeness, to claim Christ as "Lord" (which is to say "Ruler" or "King") yet be more loyal to a man-made "law" system instead of Christ's Law!

White Christians in America of today need to awaken and throw off the Constitution and establish themselves in God's Law and no longer be divided or argue over yet another failed Statist System of men. The UNITED STATES is a failure, it was doomed to fail. We are not, have never been, "U.S. Citizens" -you can't be a "citizen" of a corporation! You can't live inside a corporation, corporations exist only on paper! We are AMERICAN citizens, America is a LAND, a place found on a map, a land mass, terra firma!

We White Americans should love our Land, and those of our Race on this land with an understanding that Racial Loyalty extends to our own kind planet wide -thus the common saying:

White Pride World Wide

The very words "Patriot" and "Nation" both refer to the interconnection between your Race and your Land, in other words:


Patriot comes from the Greek patriotes (from patios = "of one's fathers" and patris = "fatherland" - pater = "father"), the Middle French patriote and Lower Latin patriot -all 3 mean "fellow-countryman

Nation comes form the Old Latin gnasci (also see: genus) to the Latin nationem (and natio) which means "birth, origin, breed, stock, kind, species, race of people, tribe -literally: 'that which has been born'; the earliest English examples of the use of the term "nation" literally meant -in context of- "people with a common ancestry"

It can easily been seen that the etymology of the terms Patriot and Nation have absolutely NOTHING to do with being "patriotic" for a Statist system or be "nationalistic" for some ruling State

It is Statist propagandists that took the two terms (patriot and nation) and twisted them to mean supportive of a Statist system of rule.

 To be truly Patriotic and Nationalistic is to be proud of, and supportive of, and protective of, your RACE

Our Race Is Our Nation

Christianity is only to the Lost Sheep, or geographically dispersed, and spiritually "lost"-"blind", of the "household", BLOODLINE, of Israel, so says Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 15:24

Thus Christianity is a racial thing, a spiritual message to a specific Race. As stated before (above) God's Law & Convenant was ONLY given to ONE Race see: Deuteronomy 10:15; Psalm 147: 19-20; Romans 9:4.

 Christianity is about  proclaiming the Gospel (literally "Good News") of the KINGDOM of God, a Government with a King and with it's own Laws! Christianity is not just about a "personal relationship with Jesus" that's to be keept private or separate from your daily life and social interaction.

Christianity is a call to White Israel to obey and establish among them God's Law, not our own!

White Christians are not to be seeking Statist substitutes to the Government of God!

White Israelite Christians aren't to seek "representatives" to vote for, they are to BE representatives of the Government of God, the governing of which works through the White Christian! 

We KNOW -because we have plenty of historical documentation from the time period- that there were in fact many White Christian 18th century Americans opposed, in one degree or another, to the U.S. Constitution becoming the "law of the land" -and for good reasons.

Today we can look around our present day America, and back through history, and see the rotten fruits of the Constitution Tree. A tree that should of been rooted up generations ago, or better yet never planted. As the lawyer turned anti-statist Lysander Spooner wrote in the 19th century:

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

Some argue that the Constitution was "usurped" and that the document itself, and the Republic System it established (being but a charter for a corporation called "The United States") were innocent in themselves and were not "meant" to establish the tryranny that quickly began to exist under the name of the United States Federal Government.

Yet, the tryranny DID in fact grow under the banner of the Federal State System. All politicians or bureaucrats of the past, and of today, needed, or need, to do, was, or is, to fly under the Federal Banner of "acting in offical capacity" of the Federal Government of the United States and they "Legally" (magically) had, or have, "authority" to do whatever.

"Legal" authority is no authority at all, except in the superstitious minds of Statists.

(Authority is not to be confused with Power, by-the-way, a school yard bully has power to take a weaker kid's lunch, by force, but not the authority to do so)

Statism is an idolaterous religion with it's own gods, sacraments, rituals, sacred texts, and superstitions. A cult of Statism can be founded by a few of the political priest-craft, called politiicans or "STATEsmen". They divine what the rules and policies will be, write their own founding doctrinal statements up, and then begin to build dogmatic policies they call "laws" for the followers to obey, or else. The key point, or difference being, is most cults are joined, with the follower having freely chosen to believe in the precepts of the cult, yet State cults don't allow such free choice, so their "citizens" aren't really followers, but captives. Many such captives indeed come to love their captors, but so do some longterm kidnap victims.

A captive and brainwashed kidnap victim may even come to aggressively and passionately defend his/her captor. Especially if the victim has grown up, from childhood, under captivity.

This all may seem as extreme language and examples when explaining the psychology, and spirituality, of those White Americans who love their "Constitutional Republic", so let me ask you a question:
If given the choice today to either opt out or be party to, would YOU sign -and thus Legally bind yourself to- the United States Constitution?

Be careful how you answer that question because if you say "Yes, I would sign" then you are admitting that you signature, or at least oral agreement, is needed to make the Constitution, which is but a Legalistic document, Legally binding upon you. And in so doing you would also automatically be admitting that the Constitution isn't any different than any other Legal document and thus is not (Legally) party to anyone who has not freely agreed to it (whether in writing or orally).

Some would use the caveat that they would indeed sign, but only the 1789 version with only the 10 amendments ("Bill of Rights") or, as they would call it, the "original" Constitution. Yet few really understand the very specific and technical Legalese language of the document. For example MOST think the 2nd Amendment actually recognizes their individual right to own firearms, but, it don't. The 2nd Amendment is one simple sentence and yet most who read it pretend it says something about their individual right to own weapons, guns specifically, that it don't.

Do not think that statement is to mean I am "pro-gun control" because no where in the Bible, or in Nature, is there anything that gives one man, or a group of men, the Authority to tell another man/woman what he can or can't own when it comes to weapons. Biblical Law and Nature tell us that to MURDER OR INJURE an innocent person IS prohibited and leaves the guilty offender liable for Just punishment according to the Biblical and very Natural principle of  Lex Talionis. What, if any, weapon the offender may of used in his violent criminal act matters not. A man or woman can own any weapon he or she desires, it is what they do with the weapon, or with their bare hands, to others (the innocent) that matters in Biblical and Natural Moral Law.

Thus your Right to own any weapon you wish is a Natural one give you by your Creator. Some think the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution Legally "protects" this Right, but they are in error. It may be recognizing, in writing, the Right, but only vaguely and indirectly at best. In reality the 2nd Amendment is simpy making a collective statement, saying "the people" have a "right to ....(have) arms" (meaning in 18th century terminology firearms specifically). Again we see the collective phrase "the people" used in the Constitution. The "people" of the Second Amendment aren't even the general populace, knowing proper sentence structure the "Framers" of the Constitution knew full well what they were saying when they said "the people" in the amendment. The single sentence starts out:
"A well regulated Militia..."

Very sly wording, yet it's not hard to understand that a "REGULATED" "militia", a "WELL" regulated one at that, was the reason the "Founders" of the Constitutional Republic were talking about gun ownership. NOTHING in that sentence, the silly 2nd Amendment, about INDIVIDUAL gun ownership rights, nothing at all.


With all of the above stated it should be understood that this website is dedicated to the pulling down of the false idols of the Constitution, Constitutional "law" (so-called) and attacking the idolatry of any and ALL forms of Statism, which is Humanism.

Any and every form of social order and "justice" based on man's (made-up) polices of State is in opposition to God's perfect Natural & Moral Law. Man can not better the true Law found in the Holy Bible and witnessed by our own consciences.

Men can mock Biblical Law, but they can not prove it to be Unjust, Perverse, or Unnatural. The arrogant and ignorant can sling lies around in attempts to dismiss the Moral Laws of God found in the Biblical texts, but all accusations of injustice against God's Laws are found spurious and wanting under honest observation and investigation.

Men can only condemn Biblical Law from their own unjust, perverse and immoral perspectives.

Only Statist idolaters, and hedonistic "anything goes" types, despise God's Law, the letter of which is found in the Bible, and the spirit (essense) of is witnessed in Nature and confirmed by the conscience of those of honest heart.

The TRUTH is there is no one-upping of God's Law, there is no improving upon it, and there is no adding to it needed.



ALL Christian Whites must come to the admission that man has no business trying to make law, and start pointing to the ONLY true Law that exists as our guide for social order, criminal justice and for preservation of race and culture, as well as for freedom and liberty!


"And I will walk at liberty, for I sought thy commandments." Psalm 119:45