Dream Along With Bozo Brennan

We don't know who god's daddy is, and Ryan Brennan don't know who his daddy is. So Ryan must be god!

If you are the owner of this website, you are a CLOWN!!!

Why is it that the high-yellow mongrel below teaches the same message which you do?


But at least she can say that the "Law of Attraction" worked for her! What is your sorry-assed excuse?

So if the "Law of Attraction" works so well, why is Ryan still living in a beat-up old single-wide? Why are Michael and Jessica Brandenburg and family still living in a cotton field in South Alabama, rather than on the beach in Destin?

Steven, Dennis, Seth, Matt, Rudolf, Drew, Nayto, even Allen, y'all might hate me for one reason or another, but you should all be ashamed for associating yourselves with this bullshit!




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