Dream Along With Bozo Brennan

Ryan Brennan, false prophet... the "god" inside him has failed! Ryan's "god" is DEAD!

If you are the owner of this website, you are a CLOWN!!!

You had a friend who told you the name of your wife "Sam", three years in advance, as you yourself admit here. But why couldn't you name that friend in these videos? Because you lost her by your own deceit, you fool. You went the wrong way when you claimed to be your own "god", but then you whined all day that you couldn't get your brakes fixed. You still don't get it. Now you slander her relentlessly and make excuses for suffering the results of your own sin.

You had a job, and now it is gone. You had a "house" for which you yourself had been paying rent, but now it is gone. For a time you were able to feed yourself, but now that you are thirty miles from the nearest Taco Bell that might be a challenge. 

You are once again living at another man's expense, as your family and his are canned up like a bunch of mexicans in a little tin trailer in South Alabama.  

Where are your blessings? What did the "god" within you do for you this year? 

You are a blasphemer and your religion is "jack shit" because you can't prove it in your life. The "god" in you is dead. You are indeed a "lying false prophet."  


Where is your power of manifestation? Where are your wonderful blessings? What is your sorry-assed excuse for missing the self-imposed "prophesied" deadline? Why are you forced once again to be living on another man's charity? Why have you not kept your vow and shut down your Youtube channel? LOL, your Youtube channel which now features teen-aged girls lifting weights. Nobody wants to watch your ugly ass, so now are you trying to catch the attention of some pedophiles?

When you are a liar, FACTS must really, really SUCK!

Steven, Dennis, Seth, Matt, Rudolf, Drew, Nayto, even Allen, y'all might hate me for one reason or another, but you should all be ashamed for associating yourselves with this bullshit!




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